Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dog running/jogging services in the UCI / Turtle Rock area of Irvine, California

What do I offer?
I provide medium to large breed dogs with the ability to let go of some of their excess energy and improve their health and well being by taking them for a run or jog. Lengths of runs are 30 or 45 minutes, including warm-up, cool down and any breaks (for water and 'plant watering' for the dog).

I only run one dog at a time, so your pet gets the exclusive attention it deserves.

I offer this veterinarian-endorsed service in the UCI / Turtle Rock area of Irvine, California.

What do I NOT offer?
At the present time I do not offer dog sitting, puppy training or dog grooming services.

Who should be interested?
People who work or don’t have enough time or energy to meet their dogs optimal exercise needs.

What are some benefits of running for dogs?
· Healthier
· Happier
· Less aggression
· Less excess energy
· Weight loss
· Longer life

Breeds that need exercise
Most medium to large breed dogs are qualified. Smaller dogs (toy), older dogs and young puppies (less than 18 months for large breeds, less than 12 months for small and medium sized breeds) may not be qualified for this service. To make sure, I recommend that a vet is consulted before exercise begins. Also, I will conduct an initial evaluation session with your dog to ensure compatibility.

Who Am I? Why did I start this service?
I am seventeen years old. I am on the cross-country and track team at University High School, in Irvine, CA. I have been running for about four years. I love animals, especially dogs. I own a Springer Spaniel named Jake who loves to go on daily runs. I began this service because I have been stopped while running my dog by others who commented on how they wish I could run their dog for them.

Where will I be running?

I live in the UCI / Turtle Rock area and know the area very well, so I will be running close to home. I usually run around the Turtle Rock Drive loop, through Mason Park, on the walking trail alongside Shady Canyon Drive and on the dirt trails and hills behind the Bonita Canyon School.

When will I be running?
During the summer, I recommend mornings and later in the evening Monday through Saturday. I avoid the hours of 11am-2pm due to the extreme heat and for the safety of your dog. We will set up a schedule, based on your dog’s needs and abilities, of one to five runs per week.

What about your dog’s safety?
I will start slowly to build up the dog’s endurance and ability to complete a run. I will stop for water breaks and bathroom breaks to ensure the dog is in no discomfort. I will watch the dog to make sure he/she is not overheating or hurt. I will generally avoid intersections and roads.

The dog will be on a secure leash at all times, with an additional loose-fitting safety collar. I only run one dog at a time.

I carry water and a flexible drinking dish for the dog with me.

This service is endorsed by local Veterinarians. I recommend that a vet is consulted to see if your dog is okay to run. I will give a test run for your dog for a charge of $20 to see how your dog reacts to the run. (If you decide to stay with the service the $20 will be deducted from the first payment.)

Walking costs and schedule
Walks can be scheduled Monday through Saturday. I charge on a weekly basis.

Weekly cost schedule for Walks:
Walks per Week30 mins per walk45 mins per walk
1 Walk$18$30
2 Walks$32$56
3 Walks$45$72
4 Walks$56$84
5 Walks$65$100
6 Walks$75$117

Each walk includes water breaks as necessary, and disposal of any animal waste.

Running costs and schedule
Runs can be scheduled Monday through Saturday. I charge on a weekly basis.

Weekly cost schedule for running:
Runs per Week30 mins per run45 mins per run
1 Run$25$40
2 Runs$46$72
3 Runs$66$102
4 Runs$88$130
5 Runs$100$155
6 Runs$117$180

Each run begins with 5 minutes of warm up and 5 minutes of cool down, which is included in the cost of each run, as well as water breaks as necessary, and disposal of any animal waste.

Type of payment accepted:
All payments must be made up-front before I begin my services. I accept cash and checks.

Pickup and drop off
If you live in the Turtle Rock area, I am willing to come to your house to pick up your dog.If you are not home at the scheduled time, I would ask you to leave me a key or some way to access the dog. If you prefer to drop the dog off at my house, or a certain park nearby, we can discuss arrangements. I would like to meet with you as well as with the dog so that the dog feels more comfortable before the service begins.

How to contact me
Please send me an e-mail with your contact information. I will get back to you quickly to set up an initial meeting so I can meet you and your dog.